Got these stamps? Someone’s keen to write about them


IN 2014, Post PNG was running short of K1.30 stamps.
They overcame this problem by revaluing the K1.20 stamps with an overprint using either a line or black square over the original value.
The original K1.20 stamps without the overprinting are quite plentiful but the overprinted stamps are quite hard to locate as they were gobbled up by the K1.30 local postage at that time.
To date 11 stamps are believed to have been overprinted with the K1.30 rate. This number was originally thought to be 10, but a later discovery of an overprinted 0.85t 2008 Bird of Paradise has changed the number to 11.
As an old resident of Papua New Guinea, having lived in both Arawa and Lae I know many government offices, missions and businesshouses collect used stamps either by cutting these off letters or saving the actual letters posted to them.
I have retired from collecting and prefers to write stories for the philatelic media.
I am asking for anyone in Papua New Guinea who has further information on these K1.30
overprinted stamps to contact me.
If you also have any of these used or unused overprinted stamps I would love to include them in my next book.
Email me at [email protected]

Phil Mullins

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