Government agencies told to relocate


TWO agencies under the National Cultural Commission (NCC) have been directed to shift to Port Moresby from Eastern Highlands due to non-performance.
According to NCC’s executive director Casper Damien, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Tobias Kulang issued the directives to the National Performing Arts Troupe (Raun Raun Theatre) and National Film Institute to relocate.
Kulang said the Goroka-based agencies were isolated from the market and central oversight which resulted in them under-performing.
Kulang said: “There is a growing demand for systematic show casing of our diverse culture.
“Recent events like the 2015 games, ACP and FIFA and upcoming events like Apec place great demand on the performing arts and theatre industry.
“Increased level of visitors are excited about our culture and want to see more.
“We now have to carefully and systematically stage them.
“The National Performing Arts Troupe is the State entity that is entrusted with the responsibility to reproduce our diverse cultures and stories and present to the greater world.
“The growing demand and market for this is in Port Moresby, hence the decision to have the institution moved from Goroka to Port Moresby.”
Following the ministerial directive, Damien said the NCC recently hosted a workshop with the concerned agencies to discuss ways forward.
“The outcome of the workshop was positive and the two institutions were tasked to come up with an action plan for their relocation to Port Moresby,” he said.
“The idea of relocation must not be taken as something bad but must be seen as a challenge to us all.
“The two agencies will not be shut down completely in Goroka, a faction of these two groups will be operating in Goroka while some will be based in Port Moresby.”

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