Government agencies urged to develop climate-smart policies


MINISTER for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change John Pundari has called on  government agencies responsible for infrastructure to develop climate-smart policies.
Pundari spoke during his welcome reception as the Environment, Conservation and Climate Change minister for a second term by the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA).
“As a nation and as a country, we’ve got to do the right thing for ourselves,” he said.
“We have seen reports of extreme climatic conditions causing natural disasters like floods, rise in sea levels, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones and other natural events.
“These cause deaths to hundreds and thousands, destruction of properties and has also affected the country’s economy.
“We need to be prepared and that is very important.”
Pundari said agencies responsible for infrastructure like the Works Department need to come up with climate-smart policies.
“I’d like to follow up with the Works Ministry and department if their policy on climate resilient infrastructure is progressing,” he said.
“Are the roads, bridges and jetties we are designing and constructing weather-resistant.
“How much is it going to cost to build a climate-resilient bridge or road or any infrastructure. We need to start developing our climate-smart policies nows.”
Pundari also announced cost-cutting measures to be undertaken at CCDA, including stopping unnecessary overseas trips, encouraging the authority to cut back on unnecessary areas and focussing on investing in priority areas.

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