Government owes New Ireland K859 million in projects


THE Government owes New Ireland government K859 million in projects, Governor Sir Julius Chan says.
“They don’t care about the people, only about themselves, about putting money in their bank accounts, about buying cars for their supporters, about buying houses making big deals for themselves with resource guarantees from the peoples’ land.” Sir Julius said.
“That is why I insist that New Ireland must be autonomous. And what is autonomy? Autonomy is freedom. It is liberty. And probably above all, autonomy is self-determination. It is the process by which a person controls his or her own life.”
“How can we realise our full potential when half our teachers have no decent housing and our schools are run down?
“How can we realise our full potential when we do not have proper supplies for our aid posts and health centres?
“So I think it is amazing what we have been able to do in New Ireland.”
Even though the Government does not deliver, we in New Ireland have used every toea of our own resources to do what the government has failed to do.
“But to do a proper job we need much greater resources. That is why we are working to revise the Mining Act 1992,” Sir Julius said.
“The people of New Ireland have not benefited from the wealth coming out of our land, so we are reviewing the Lihir agreement.
“This will provide us with at least up to K600 million more per year. Then we will be truly autonomous.
“Autonomy is nothing without finances. And we are going to get the finances first. That is autonomy. And we will continue to deepen and extend those relationships.
“Everyone in Papua New Guinea knows that New Ireland is working hard to plot our own course, to be independent of the National Government.
“We have now declared autonomy and we are taking control of our own destiny to our own future and affairs.”

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