Government should pay Nambawan Super


THE Government must immediately pay the State’s outstanding contribution of K100 million owed to Nambawan Super as it is a mandatory requirement by law as the former employer of retired public servants.
These former servants of the Government have served their master with distinction for many years since independence and have been inconvenienced by departmental heads who do not
have any understanding of the
law, including the Department of Personal Management who should be held responsible for this oversight.
Many of the retired long serving servants have died and their families are waiting together with those who are still alive.
The prime minister has publicly admitted that the State has a
liability including the Chief Secretary and the Secretary for Finance who said the amount has been outstanding for many years and they are in discussions with Nambawan Super to retire the outstanding.
The assurance was made to pay but the question is WHEN?.
Following this assurance, the Secretary for Treasury posted an ad in the newspapers requesting for an audit.
This will further delay the payout for the former servants of Government.
How long do we have to suffer at the incompetence of educated Departmental Head who do not seem to understand the basics of law that governs the operations of Nambawan Super.
Simply put, by law, the former employees have contributed their share.
The issue outstanding all these years is for the employer who is the State to pay its share. That is all.
Why an audit and where has been the Secretary of the Department of Personnel Management all these years in an over qualified department that should have been abolished in 2013 in the right sizing exercise?
He has let all the former servants down including the current.
That leads me to the present serving public servants.
The component the Government owes all of you is K2 billion in unpaid employer shares.
What happens if you leave or die in service tomorrow? Will the State pay you out in full?
Please Secretary Treasury, stop wasting State money to carry newspaper ads to pay expensive auditors for an issue that is negligence on your part to facilitate payment that is required by law.
To end, Chairman of Nambawan Super MUST facilitate the lawsuit immediately against the State for negligence because they have failed to pay their portion of over K100 million for former servants and K2 billion for current PUBLIC servants.

Ex Public Servant, Via email

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