Government recognises reform commission


THE Government has recognised the important role of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, chairman and Kandrian-Gloucester MP Joseph Lelang says.
Lelang said government departments and agencies were now working with CLRC on their law reforms.
“At the moment, CLRC is reviewing over 30 laws. Every time laws are being reviewed, the constitution and other regulations, legislations and all these things are discussed,” he said.
“When we discuss law, we always talk about how does it affect the kind of society that we want to see in future, what kind of laws and is it still relevant and good for the kind of society we want to build based on the principles that we agreed on within our constitutional framework.
“Many government departments and agencies are now collaborating with the commission on their law reforms, on the importance of amending or looking at their own legislations to make it relevant to the current contemporary issues that are affecting our country.
“The CLRC is a constitutional office and it is also a semi-academic institution, we do a lot of reviews and research and enter into a lot of partnership with Australian university research institutions to improve the way our staff goes about in terms of research mythologists in law.
“Now with the full complement of the commissioners, we will be able to deliver on many of the critical reforms of the country.
“The CLRC is here and we have that mandate and we should able to review all those laws and constitutional and other regulations.” enabling legislations that the government needs.”

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