Government subsidies not sustainable, says Bird


SUBSIDIES from the government are not a sustainable fix to the drop in global prices for cash crops, according to East Sepik Governor Alan Bird.
Bird told The National that cash crop growers in East Sepik would be insulated from global price drop through partnerships with global manufacturers in the province. The solution to global price fluctuations for our cash crops is not through the government coming in with subsidies to control the price as that is not sustainable.
“The government simply does not have the money for that,” he said.
“There has to be something done for our growers that is more sustainable. We should be able to secure decent prices for our cash crop growers in the province for the long-term.
“And it should be done in a way where everyone from the grower to end-user benefits and not where usually it is the grower that is disadvantaged because of the fluctuating prices.
“I think a good business arrangement can be done for cocoa and vanilla, and later Robusta coffee.
“It should be able to take care of price fluctuations and ensure that the grower is always benefiting steadily.
“The solution is bringing in an end-user here to East Sepik.
“This is what the provincial government under my leadership will be doing.
“Bring in and partner global buyers in East Sepik and have an arrangement not only for prices so growers are given that security but also for farm management and quality checks so that they benefit as well as our people.”

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