Government’s response to Manus proposal pending


THE Government is yet to respond to the economic rescue package proposal submitted by the Manus Government to address the anticipated economic down-turn caused by the shutting down of the refugee processing centre.
Provincial administrator Andrew Posong told The National that a Government delegation led by Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru had Manus to discuss “an economic rescue package.
“Because the Supreme Court has ordered it (refugee processing centre) to be closed, it will really affect our provincial economy big-time,” he said.
“It will affect our business activity and cause an economic downturn because Manus is far from the mainland.
“The Government wants to come up with an economic rescue package for Manus.
“We have come up with 11 proposals worth K300 million to invest in our sustainable sectors such as fisheries, tourism and agriculture.”
Posong said the rescue package would not come at once.
“It will have to be spread over five to 10 years. That’s what we have already submitted to the minister,” he said.
He said one of the proposals was to build a cannery on the west coast of Manus.
The other proposal is to connect the road from the east coast to the west coast of Manus.

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