Governor challenges public servants to perform


PUBLIC servants in Gulf were challenged by their governor to perform and deliver maximum quality services to the people.
Gulf Governor Havila Kavo, during his independence message, said millions of kina had been allocated to Gulf but there was nothing to show for it on the ground.
“Public servants in the province are not putting their heads together and working to ensure services reach the people, but the differences between the political leaders have affected the administration which has resulted in the lack of basic services,” Kavo said.
He said with the multi-billion kina Gulf LNG coming up, the province needed to prepare to face the challenges.
“We need to build airstrips, roads, bridges, classrooms and health centres,” he said.
“We have huge economic and agriculture potential to support and develop our province and raise its standard, but the onus is on you public servants to make it workable by start improving your channel of communication and teamwork.
“Team work pays off.
“God has given us windows of blessings and opportunities with our natural resources in Gulf, all we need to do is work in union.
“By 2018, and beyond, Gulf province will be the richest province in PNG, we will receive grants from both PNG LNG and Gulf LNG projects, from our fish, timber and many other resources that we have.
“But to make it happen, you need to have good political leaders, good presidents and councillors that has the potential to lead.”
Kavo told them that people should prepare for the latest developments that were going to take place.
“Kerema High School has been completely deteriorated in the last 25 years, it was about to close down when I intervened and rescued it by giving a major facelift to its existing infrastructures to bring back the pride of the province,” he said.
Kavo has used provincial funds to build double classrooms and dormitories for students at both Kerema and Malalau High School.

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