Governor confident of catching up


Morobe Governor and Christian Democratic Party leader Kelly Naru, says it’s “early days” and he is confident that he will catch up with the early pace-setters in the race for the regional seat.
He has been behind since the count started.
After count 121 last night, Naru was in fourth place with 11,193 votes – well behind Ginson Saonu  (Pangu Pati) 25,431, Luther Wenge (United Party) 20,884 and Kemas Tomala (Independent) 12,095.
“There are six more districts to go so I’m not panicking yet,” Maru told The National.
“These are early days.
“The count is not finished yet. The race will be over when the count is finished.
“We also have the elimination process, so I’m very confident that I’m going to get through.
“We look forward to getting back.”
Naru congratulated MPs-elect Sam Basil (Bulolo), Koni Iguan (Markham) and Thomas Pelika (Menyamya) – all of Pangu Pati – for winning.

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