Governor-General is hiding the truth


GOVERNOR-General Sir Bob Dadae is hiding the truth.
He told the International Observers that Papua New Guinea is a young democracy country which is learning from the past experience.
Sir Bob is on the wrong trek by mentioning this because in previous years in 1992-2012, we all cooperated and everyone was happy in exercising our constitutional rights to cast our votes to whoever candidate we wish by going through our names on the common roll.
However, we are not using our experiences in this 2017 national election as our head of state has mentioned.
We are not new to run the election in Papua New Guinea and I think Sir Bob is backfilling all these simple potholes that our Electoral Commissioner has created by not having half of the seven to eight million population don’t have their names on the common roll update and not paying election official throughout the country.
It’s very simple to tell the truth and this truth will set all 7-8 million people of Papua New Guinea free and our National Observers will help us to do their recommendations for the betterment of our future.

Mr Sakale (SK) Karaifaira
Rigo inland – maus rot

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