Governor supports women in SME


WOMEN engaged in small economic activities in Chimbu are receiving financial support from Governor Noah Kool’s K2 million small-to-medium enterprise (SME) programme.
Chimbu provincial SME programme coordinator Joanne Bonggre said the money earmarked to support small women engaged in micro-economic activities was supporting women going into economic activities.
She said women in eight districts who were engaged in micro-economic activities such as selling betel nuts, small goods, chicken projects (poultry), piggery, vegetable gardening, catering and operating canteens were getting financial support from the K2 million.
Bonggre said in 2014, the first K1 million was used to help women in the six districts of the province.
She said they would receive another K1m.
“We are now going to receive the other K1 million for this year that will be used to support the women,” she said.
“However, the money is insufficient given the increasing interests in women going into micro-economic activities,” she said.

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