Governor thanks american citizens


AMERICAN citizens are contributing to the spiritual and physical development of people in Enga, says Governor Sir Peter Ipatas.
Sir Peter (pictured) said this last Friday in Wabag when thanking the people of the United States of America through their ambassador Catherin Ebert-Grey who was visiting the province.
He said American citizens living in the province as missionaries and anthropologists had made significant contributions.
The Enga cultural education programme was launched at the Wabag Primary School.
Sir Peter said Enga had a long history with the people of USA and the visit by Ebert-Grey strengthened that relationship.
He said Americans came to the province as Lutheran missionaries before Independence.
“I want to thank anthropologist Dr Polly Wiesner, an American citizen, for spending her prime life in the province and now writes Enga cultural text books and teachers’ guide to be used in every school in the province starting next year,” he said.
Ebert-Grey thanked Enga for looking after American citizens in the province.
She said Enga was progressing well in terms of developments, education and other services.
She said many universities and colleges in the country were dominated by students from Enga.

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