Governor urges people to work hard, be proactive


MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has called on Morobeans to work hard and not be lazy and complacent in their attitude.
Naru, pictured, said this in his Independence Day message to
the people of the province and country.
He said: “Idleness, laziness and complacency should be shrugged off and we should embrace the spirit of hard work and being industrious as our yardstick to move forward.”
Naru said the first humans, Adam and Eve, were commanded by God to work hard on the land until they returned to the land from which they were created.
He said Morobe was a huge province with diverse cultures, therefore, unity was very important for it to survive as a province.
Naru said Morobe’s three big assets were its people, land and sea.
He said these resources, with proper investment can be developed to advance the affairs of the province.
“Eighty per cent of our people are rural based,” he said.
“So I urge them to work the land and the Government and private sector will do their bit to propel the province into prosperity.
“We have to do the hard yards and make the tough calls now for a brighter future.
“What better time to demonstrate this resilience than now when our country is going through tough economic times.
“If Morobe is to move forward for the better my people, we have to start working hard and be proactive like ants.”
Naru said Morobe have the necessary resources to develop but first the people must take ownership to develop their resources.
They must also contribute towards developing the province at the community level while the Government will support these
initiative and come in where needed.

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