Governor urges for return of vehicles


ALL vehicles bought and owned by the Hela government must be returned to its administration now to be used for their intended purposes, Governor Francis Potape says.
Potape issued the warning yesterday that police would impound any vehicles owned by the provincial government that were being used by individuals or other people.
“I am recalling all provincial vehicles being issued to councillors, politicians and other leaders in the province,” he said.
“Those vehicles will be used by police and the law and order committee members for their operations.”
Potape said government vehicles must be used for intended purposes.
“What’s the point of individuals holding onto provincial vehicles, we have limited resources and we need to make use of the resources we have,” he said.
“If vehicles are found in other parts of the province, police will impound them.
“We have seen provincial government vehicles being misused and taken out of Hela into Lae, Hagen, Goroka and Madang and people have been seen drinking.
“It doesn’t belong to you. We have to do what is right for ourselves and be just to our people.”
Potape said in terms of partnership with police, the assembly meeting has given time to the provincial police commanders to provide police briefs.
“The PPC had for the first time given time during the assembly meeting to give his presentation regarding his shortfalls, challenges in resources and manpower and the progress so far police are making and the way forward,” Potape said.
“So we are now getting our feet together on the ground in Hela.”

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