Governor wants palm oil project to maximise benefits


PALM oil projects in East Sepik need to be coordinated to maximise the benefits to the people in the province, Governor Allan Bird says.
He was asked to comment on the Sepik Plain Palm Oil project in Yangoru-Saussia which had been put on the government’s priority list.
Bird told The National that his priority was to make Turubu a successful example for potential investors.
He reiterated his support for agriculture to drive the economy in the province.
“Our biggest opportunity in East Sepik for both business and development of the people and the province in through agriculture,” he said.
He said the oil palm projects that Yangoru-Saussia MP Richard Maru was supporting in the district was good.
“There is also another oil palm project in Turubu and Angoram,” Bird said.
“I think that we need to make that one work first because if there is another oil palm operator coming in and you have the other on the side there, and if they are not successful, the other people might be reluctant to come in.
“My priority right now is to sort out the Turubu Oil Palm Project and make sure it works because it then provides a template for other investors in agriculture coming to the province.
“I suspect there is not much happening in terms of an investor moving into Yangoru Saussia because everyone is waiting to see what happens in Turubu.
“So we need to manage all the risks surrounding the Turubu oil palm project and make it successful and operating to the benefit of the landowners, the company and of course East Sepik.
“Once that happens, it will make it easier for any other agricultural projects in Yangoru Saussia and other districts which are on the way.”

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