Governor welcomes ban on sea cucumber


MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon has welcomed the announcement of the lifting of the ban on beche-de-mer (sea cucumber) harvesting with reservation.
The national government announced this week that the moratorium imposed on the fishery would be lifted in January, and that trial harvesting would be undertaken in Milne Bay starting next month.
“The re-opening of the beche-de-mer fishery is good news for our island communities and the Milne Bay province as a whole,” Philemon said.
“Our people have been seriously affected by various natural disasters in recent years and this will be a welcome relief for them as an alternative source of revenue.
“However, as a responsible government, the Milne Bay provincial government will stand to ensure that proper processes and procedures are followed in preparation for the re-opening of the fishery,” Philemon said.
He said serious considerations need to be made on a number of issues to ensure harvesting was done on a sustainable basis and more importantly that it must benefit the resource owners.

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