Governor yet to receive updates


MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu is still in the dark over the setting up of container X-ray/scanning facilities at the Lae main wharf.
The arrangement to build the container scanning facility was a partnership between the provincial and national governments through the PNG Customs Services (PNGCS) which is encouraging its modernisation programme to minimise the risk of importing dangerous cargo.
The PNGCS  purchased equipment for Port Moresby, installed at Motukea, and Lae, proposed for the Javani Industrial Park.
However, since the K3 million equipment was freighted to Lae and was left idle for 22 months, it was subject to damage.
Saonu said that the provincial administration was unprepared to accept and induct the new government under his leadership to lead Morobe people.
“It is now three months and I am operating from my private residence at Karuka Street, Boundary Road, instead of the governor’s office to perform official duties,” he said.
“The governor’s office is undergoing renovations that should have been completed during the election period.
“The provincial administration is yet to brief me about major impact projects like building of  container scanning facilities, Wagang fisheries wharf, Markham palm oil, Ramu II hydro and various others projects to be implemented in partnership with the government and its agencies.”
“But I can confidently say that the opportunity is here and I appreciate the initiative with PNGCS to execute the idea, but I will check the provincial administrator what the holdup is.”
PNGCS acting assistant commissioner-modernisation programme William Sapak said the delay by MPG was due to their inability to remove settlers at the proposed site, the location to set up the scanning facilities.
“It is now 22 months and the equipment is subject to wear and tear, otherwise, PNGCS will build the facilities next January and change the lease agreement from paying MPG K1.6 million every three months down to K500,000,” Sapak said.

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