Governor’s sports plan praised


GULF Governor Chris Haiveta’s initiative to establish a sports authority for the province has been commended.
Another Gulf man Martin Liri, a former PNG track and field athlete and currently a sports administrator and journalist, said: “It is quite refreshing to finally have a leader who wants to organise sports in the province.”
“Initiatives such as the one being mooted can set the foundations for more effective programmes for young Gulf men and women and create good pathways so that it is not only sports they can excel in but be empowered in education and  gain other skills that can prepare them for life after sports,” Liri said.
Referring to a recent media statement from Haiveta on his intention to set up a Gulf sports authority or an entity which coordinates all sports programmes from athlete identification and development, coach education, administration, competitions and related areas, Liri said that the Governor’s call was commendable.
“Governor Chris Haiveta’s call for Gulf people who live outside the province to be involved in sports development is a great move so that we can adopt strategies, systems and programmes to drive the province forward from its stagnated position in many areas.
“Gulf has produced many educated people with extensive experience and knowledge who are concerned and would like to help in building the province’s capacity not just in sports but many areas like quality education, health, tourism and the list goes on.
“We (Gulf people) need to put any differences aside so that we can ride on the political will our good Governor is demonstrating to get more effective results over the next five years so that our province can improve in many sectors that Gulf has potential in.”
Liri has a IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) level one certificate in coaching, has held administrative roles on the PNG Athletics Union executive, the PNG Rugby Football League board, Gulf Isapea board, helped establish the National Soccer League, assisted Southern Highlands secure rights to host the next PNG Games after Kimbe and has assisted the PNG Amateur Boxing Union as its chief executive over the past year.
“A sports authority for Gulf driven by experienced people who are innovative and can align sports programmes to quality education, informal sector related areas,” Liri said.

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