Govt confident of delivering election

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Inter-department election committee chairman Isaac Lupari expressed confidence that the 2017 national election would be far better than previous elections.
Lupari, who is also the Chief Secretary, said the nation had 20 days left to go to the polls and the committee was doing its best to make this the best election.
“We have done a lot of hard yards and planing together,” Lupari said.
“But we have not crossed the line yet and that is the challenging part for us. The awareness packages are now up and the people will now take the responsibility to vote their leaders.” He said that during the launching of the PNG Electoral Commission election voter-awareness in Port Moresby.
“Time has now come for people to take ownership of the decision-making process by electing, by choosing some one who will represent you for the next five years,” he said.
“Someone who will be on the floor of Parliament to make decisions that will affect you and your children. He/she will decide what kind of country this will become.”
Lupari said being a politician should not be treated as another game.
“It is not fun. It is a serious business in our lives because whoever sits in the floor of Parliament, who ever sits as the Prime Minister, whoever is a minister – he or she will decide  our destiny and where we go from here on wards,” Lupari said.
“He or she will decide what our children will be become tomorrow. So the responsibility rests on all of us.”
Meanwhile, PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said that his staff were doing everything possible to communicate election message to all on the importance of a peaceful, fair and inclusive election.
The awareness packages has a song sung in seven different languages and 14 new graphic products that will be distributed to all provinces.

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