Govt departments to report outcome of plans quarterly


ALL government departments will be required to report the outcome of their plans on a quarterly basis starting next year, Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari says.
He said as of next year, government departments would carry out monitoring and evaluation of project implementation and financial performance.
“Days where we wait for you to give your report must finish now, we have to go out in that way. We have to connect with the departments and know exactly where they are going,” Lupari told the heads of department and government agencies meeting on Friday.
He said monitoring and evaluation were the most important tools in any organisation “so we will start doing M&E come 2017”.
“Our attitudes have to change the way we do business,” Lupari said.
“We have to bring the ilpoc system (integrated local purchase order and payment) back into the country to stop the commitments outside of budget.
“Ilpoc is the best way so in 2017 we are looking at M&E and ilpoc to bring some discipline in the way we do business.
Treasury Secretary Dairi Vele said half of the departments were not complying in terms of reporting.
“We need to work together to tidy some of these things up so what funds we do have get have gets sent out very quickly,” Vele said.
“It’ seems that all of us in here have embraced the situation we are in, we cannot change many things externally but we can look at what we can change and what we have control over, and removing in that way.
“Considering that we are in another tough situation, it gives us a lot of confidence that we now have the capacity and capability to manage these issues ourselves.
“As a team all of us, it’s unsustainable, when we have good times we start to eat more often than we really need to, when times get tough we really need to scale back.
We start to see more requests for transfer within departments so everyone is now beginning to prioritise, and starting to put the funds that are non-core activities into those areas which is what we are here for.”

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