Govt ensures delivery of services: MP


MANUS Governor Charlie Benjamin says the provincial government is doing its best to ensure goods and services reach them.
“Many of you have not agreed with some decisions and policies of past and present governments but it is also important to note that no government can make every citizen happy,” he said.
Benjamin was in ENB recently.
“We will eventually get there. We are continuously learning and are using our failures as building blocks to develop Manus,” he said.
“Although people can define development in their own perspective, people in Manus must recognise and appreciate that the province had seen significant development in the last 37 years.”
He said significant development had been witnessed in health and education.
Benjamin said infrastructure development especially on roads had also been a priority development area.
“Current projects are continuing with the support of the government,” he said.
“The road connection from Lorengau town to Western Manus was recently established enabling people to drive to their villages.
“This year, we have committed K5 million to complete the road.
“We believe that in three years’ time, PMVs would use the road daily to serve the people.”
Benjamin said the Lorengau Hospital redevelopment had also started with staff housing costing K15 million. The houses are for doctors.

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