Govt needs funding, support


THE Government is struggling with funding and technical support to fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, says Health standards service Deputy Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala.
PNG has the second highest TB prevalence in the Western Pacific region with an estimated TB incidence of 348 per 100 and prevalence of 541 per 100, 000.
The country also has the highest incidence and HIV prevalence in the Pacific, predominantly driven by heterosexual transmission and associated with untreated sexually-transmitted infections.
“We are one of the 10 hot spots in the world in terms of TB and that’s a huge challenge for us. We are going through an economic downturn and difficulty – not just our Government but all Governments are struggling to get the right support and help to deal with these issues.”
He said at a medical equipment donation yesterday that the Family Health International 360 was a strong partner with the Government in the fight against HIV AIDS.
He said they were preparing to have a HIV AIDS strategy by 2017 to guide the health department and partners fight AIDS in the country.

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