Govt to roll out record project


THE Government plans to set up a village record project to collate information on the people included those living with disabilities.
Secretary of the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs Dickson Guina told The National that the data would help with planning and elections. He had discussed the plan with the electoral commissioner and development partners.
“Every village must have a village recorder so that every person including those with disability and individuals would be recorded in that book,” he said.
“That data will help not only with planning but also during elections and other things that we are going to do in the future.
“We will be launching this village books and giving it to all the village recorders so that we have every account of everyone in the village.
“This is so that we know who is disabled, able, so that we can make proper planning for our communities.”
Guina said the village books had been used before but were done away with.
“It’s a really good planning tool. We are trying to revive it,” he said.
“We have done a lot of consultation with government agencies like national planning, community development and provincial governments.”
He said a village book records template has been developed and would be finalised soon for launching.

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