Govt staff paid better now


PUBLIC servants should appreciate that they are better paid now than before, says Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari.
He said public servants should not be complaining about their salaries because they were paid well by the people.
Lupari said the lowest-paid public servants who were earning K350 were now getting K600 per fortnight. The entry-level for police constables was raised from K600 to K1050 per fortnight. The entry-level teachers was also raised from K390 to K900 per fortnight and for nurses from K450 to K820 a fortnight.
“We are well paid by our people,” he said.
“Every public servant is earning a decent wage. We should be the last people complaining about being paid low wages.”
Lupari suggests that the Public Service Ministry should make public the Government payroll so that every citizen could see who was earning what.
“I can tell you that when the public sees what we are getting every fortnight, we will not get any sympathy from them,” he said.
“We need to leave behind the past and look to the future. The future is where our people and our children belong.
“That future will be created by us. We owe it to them.
“So it is time public servants must wake up. We must take a job seriously.
“That means that we must change our attitude to work.”

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