Grade 10 exam starts today


A TOTAL of 63,535 Grade 10 students around the country will sit for their final examinations starting today and ends on Friday.
Acting Education Secretary Dr Uke Kombra said the 24,710 Grade 12 students will sit their examinations next Monday to Oct 27.
Grade 8 examinations will be from Oct 24-27 with 124,095 students sitting. An overall total of 212,340 students in grades 8, 10, and 12 would be sitting for their examinations this year.
He said these examinations were very important for the students because they contribute to their final assessments for the year.
“School assessments are very important because they determine whether students can be selected to the next level of education or get employed,” Kombra said.
He urged parents, guardians and teachers to give as much support as possible to help the students sit for these examinations.
He also reminded everyone to ensure that there was no cheating in these examinations.
“The penalty for cheating or assisting to cheat in the national examination is non certification,” he said.
“I urge the external invigilators, schools and standards officers to report any malpractices to the Measurement Services Division for analysis and action.”
He urged all concerned parties to make every effort to give all the students and schools “a fair go” and to be honest and say no to cheating.
Cheating is crime and its result is non-certification so it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that there is no cheating,” Kombra said.
“On behalf of the Department of Education, I wish all our Grade 10, 12 and 8 students the very best in their examinations.”

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