Grade 12 students sit examination

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A TOTAL of 29,433 grade 12 students currently attending 160 secondary and national high schools sat for their written expression examination yesterday.
That included 195 students who set the record as being the first-grade 12 students from their school, Waigani Christian School.
The students were from the first intake of grade 9 students in 2014 under a trial programme with the Education Department. An emotional principal Abakure Kaupa and director Benjamin Mul, as they stood from the side watching the examination in progress, said the school had indeed given a second chance in life to grade 8 dropouts in 2014.
“It’s a very proud moment for us,” Kaupa told The National.
In Jiwaka, 1400 students from Minj, Fatima, Waghi Valley, Jiwaka Grammar, Anglimp and PNG Development Secondary schools sat this examination.
Provincial examination supervisor Steven Guan said it is quite a big increase for Jiwaka compared to previous years.
Waghi Valley  Secondary School deputy principal (DPA) Betty Wena said 167 students from the school sat for the examination for the third time since being upgraded.

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