Grateful for the support for West Papuans


ON behalf of West Papuans nationalist, I wish to extend our sincere gratitude for the great commitment made by our two Melanesian Prime Ministers.
The commitment by Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sogavare and PNG Prime Minister O’Neill for full membership for the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) in the Melanesian Spearhead Group has brought great delight to all West Papuans in PNG, Indonesia and other parts of the world.
Jakarta has regarded Papuans as part of Indonesia but according to TPN-OPM PB (Free West Papua National Revolutionary Army) General Bernard Mawen and head of staff Pius Buuk firmly stated that West Papuans are not part of Indonesia.
West Papua is absolutely different nation altogether.  They will never be part of Indonesia and will still struggle until they receive independence from Indonesia.
Therefore, I believe that from several different activist group such as TPN OPM PB, KNPB, National Coalition, National Federal, West Papua Campaign, International Parliament for West Papua, SORANDA and many other activist group have united in to one umbrella which is ULMWP.
Buuk has announced that they have united and all their voices will be raised by ULMWP to the Wworld.
He said they have appointed representatives, Octvianus Mote, Benny Wenda and the executives to ULMWP which will represent us and bring forward our voice and aspiration.
I once again salute the two Prime Ministers for their commitment to the people of West Papua.
I believe this commitment will have a great impact on the full membership of ULMWP and the independence of West Papua

Michael Pius, Via email

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