Group aims to improve lives


THE Yakunum tribe of Kundima village in the Yuat LLG of Angoram District in East Sepik have formally registered their Yakunum Incorporated Land Group (ILG).
Chairman John Akar said the land group aspired to maximise the use of customary land for economic development and the primary objective was to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods.
“One way poverty can be addressed is to mobilise land for development,” he said.
The people of Yakunum had embarked on a land registration awareness and when the concept was fully understood in 2015, an application for registration was lodged at the Department of Lands and Physical Planning in Feb 2016.
On Feb 8 this year they were granted recognition as an ILG and a certificate was issued on the Feb 28.
“We have identified a number of projects mostly in the agricultural sector that we would like to develop in the village.
“We will be consulting relevant State agencies, development partners, donor agencies and technical experts for advice on the processes and requirements involved in developing these projects soon,” Akar said.
Yakunum ILG also intends to adopt sustainable climate-friendly land use practices in compliance with the requirements of the United Nations Paris Agreement (Implementation) Act 2016.
Akar encouraged other landowners in the Yuat LLG and Angoram District to get their land groups registered considering the current interest in oil and gas exploration in the district and as well as to tap into land use related business opportunities climate change may present.

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