Group demands payment

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A GROUP of men, claiming to be service providers, stormed the Tutumang (Morobe provincial assembly) last Friday and demanded that the provincial administration pay them for services they have rendered.
The group, with more than 100 individuals, met with Governor Kelly Naru and his administration and demanded that their total accumulated claim of K7.9 million be paid immediately.
Spokesperson Aki Sama said the claims dated back to 2013 and was for various projects undertaken by the contractors.
“We want the administration and the political office to pay our claim immediately,” Sama said.
“The claims are from 2013 till 2016 and are for services provided to the government.
“Services have been provided so enough of talking about the system and pay us now.”
Sama said the group has been given a run-around by the administration for too long and they were fed up.
Hesaid they employed people to work for them and  had bills to pay and the delay in paying them their money had created much inconvenience.
Naru, in response, told the disgruntled contractors that he did not know about their specific claims so he would have to talk with the administration to verify the details.
Naru said the claims were for different years and for different projects, therefore, he would have go through them with the administration so that genuine service providers only were paid.
“I have given direction to the administration to give me the list of contractors who have provided services to the government,” Naru said.

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