Group launches handbook


A SECOND edition of the Papua New Guinea coffee handbook has been released and the language will be simplified so that the farmers can easily understand it, an official says.
Poitasa Hombunaka, the project manager of the World Bank-funded Productive Partnership in Agriculture Projects (coffee component), said the first edition of the coffee handbook was 20 years old.
He said they wanted another edition to be compliant with changes and will simplify the language in the book to make it easy for farmers to understand.
Potaisa said six years ago, the Coffee Industry Corporation launched a school coffee curriculum which was yet to be implemented by teachers.
Chief executive officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation Charles Dambui welcomed the release of the second edition.
He said the book would guide industry players to exercise best practices to increase production and improve quality.
Allan Oliver, a World Bank representative, said the Coffee Industry Corporation handbook was the way forward to see best practices in the coffee industry.
“We are going into a changing world and we need to upgrade our strategies to implement the latest skills and knowledge,” Oliver said.

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