Group raises funds to support church


THE Gavuone Urban Fellowship in Port Moresby raised K4000 from a thanksgiving last weekend to support the functions of the church in Gavuone village, Central.
The thanksgiving was the last of the quarterly offerings by the group which will be handed over to the church at the end of the year.
Music coordinator and elder Haeremai Solomon said the group operated under the Gavuone UC in Abau and was established to bring together Gavuone people in and around the city.
He said thanksgiving was one way of supporting the church functions and projects.
“Since this group was established in 1986, it is a tradition of the church to organise thanksgiving. It supports the functions of not only the church but the fellowship group as well,” Solomon said. He said this is act of free will giving where man and women from different Ministries and groups not only in the city but also in the village are encourage to give any amount they want.
“Previously we use to give targets to the four square groups and the ministries but we have changed that. We encourage people to give any amount,” Solomon said.

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