Group receive land rights


THE first incorporated land group in the six major clans in Lihir, New Ireland, has been given its registration certificate under the Reformed Land Act 2009.
The Masi ILG was presented its certificate at the Londolovit town oval in Lihir last Friday.
Chairman of the Masi ILG Peter Suar received the certificate from NGI regional lands acting adviser Eremas Peril.
He proudly held the certificate up in front of Lihirians saying they now had the legitimate right to their land sold to foreigners.
Suar issued a warning to gold developer Newcrest Gold Limited that they would fight them.
“In Lihir today, we are spectators and have become foreigners in our own land in the last 20 years,” he said.
“New Ireland is home to one of the largest gold resources in the world. But sadly today there is nothing to show for it.
“There is no ring road around Lihir, people still live in bush material houses with no electricity.
“It is a legitimate international crime and we do not want another repetition of Misima and Panguna.
“Today all shops in Lihir are owned by foreigners and not even by a local. This is a crime.”

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