Gulf province lack development: Kavo


GULF Governor Havila Kavo says Gulf has lagged behind in infrastructure and economic developments over the past 40 years.
“Of the 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea, Gulf is one of the closest to Port Moresby and yet it is the least developed province,” Kavo said.
Speaking at the swearing in of the Kerema General Hospital board on Tuesday, Kavo made it clear to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that despite being a maritime province, Gulf had no jetties or wharves.
“I appeal to the Government to provide jetties so my people can export their produce to markets such as Port Moresby,” he said.
“Many people cannot participate actively in the economy of the country because there is non-accessibility by road and sea.
“I have 10 local level governments in the Gulf province.
“Only four are connected by the major highway that is running from Port Moresby to Kerema and six are non-accessible.”
Kavo said the province had some high grade organic coffee growing in the mountains such as in Kaintiba, but the produce could not be transported for export to markets because there were no road links.
He said the airport was closed down due to the belief that there was no economic activity in the province.
Kavo said housing was poor for the 600-700 public servants so they were not motivated to be productive.

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