Gulf to pursue outstanding entitlements of K171m from LNG


The Gulf provincial government will be pursuing outstanding entitlements of K171.1 million from the PNG LNG Project, Governor Chris Haiveta said in his inaugural address to the provincial assembly in Kerema on Tuesday.
He said the K171.1 million from the PNG LNG Project development levies and royalties had accumulated between 2014-2016.
Haiveta said it had to be shared in the agreed components to the provincial government and the affected West Kikori local level government.
“The accumulated development levy is estimated to be K14.7 million which is to be shared with Gulf provincial government and West Kikori LLG, receiving K10.29 million and K4.4m respectively,” he said.
“My council also noted that according to the Oil and Gas Act of 2006, the landowners are not entitled to the development levy, except for provincial government and affected local level governments.”
Haiveta also announced that his government would be pursuing outstanding forums as required in the umbrella benefits-sharing agreement and landowner benefits-sharing agreement to negotiate the split of benefits from the PNG LNG Project.
Kikori district development authority would be the nominated special purpose authority to the Papua LNG Project area to save costs.
The Gulf provincial infrastructure development unit established by the previous provincial executive council had been terminated and an investigation would be conducted into how K9million in infrastructure development grant funds had been used.

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