Gulf school seeks help for renovation


A school head teacher is looking for people to help fund the renovation of teachers’ homes which are old.
David Iku said the homes at  Mailovera Primary School in Gulf were built so many years ago and were dilapidated.
The walls were almost collapsing and roofs rusting, making it unsafe for teachers and their families to live there.
“Some of us have tried our best to fix some parts of the houses by using our own money,” Iku said.
“However, we were not able to purchase all that we needed because of the costs involved in travel and transportation of materials.”
“Despite the state of accommodation, we continue to provide education to our students.”
He said the school made several appeals for assistance but were yet to get positive feedback.
“We are now appealing to the Government and businesses to assist.”
The school serves more than 200 students.

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