Gulf still governed by remote control


IT was good for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to visit Kerema town this week.
What he saw reflects on the leadership of the Gulf province then and now.
A place is what its leaders and people are.
I am sure O’Neill knew what had happened in Kerema and Gulf after Papua New Guinea gained independence from Australia almost 41 years ago.
Gulf leaders have been in a deep slumber while other provinces have developed and prospered.
Only the leaders and the people of Gulf can truly develop their own township.
The Prime Minister was right in asking where all the funds given to Gulf have gone to.
Government workers serving in the province cannot do much as we all know about the political wheeling and dealing that goes on there.
To make matters worse, Gulf leaders seem to operate and administer the province by remote control from Port Moresby.
The political leaders and elite of Gulf need to think hard about how to develop Kerema into a modern township that can cater for the needs of its people.
If your brothers and sisters from the neighbouring Highlands provinces, who were some of the last places to be set foot by government patrols in the early years, can develop and prosper in such a short time, then everyone in the province should think very hard about what went wrong.
Gulf people were among those who went all over the country to develop its infrastructure during the colonial era.
Why couldn’t the same be done for the Kerema town and Gulf province since independence.
Forget about sorcery and beliefs in sorcery and break the bondage of the devil and.
Gulf leaders and people can move mountains by cooperating and working together through the power of God.
Forget the past and bring a new light and meaning of life into the Gulf and see what God does for the people and province.
I am not from Gulf but as a proud Papua New Guinean who has traveled the land and worked under people from that province,
I know what it is like to have a weak leadership which seems to be concerned only about themselves and their cohorts.
Gulf leaders must look out of the box and think big because now is the time to develop the province.
Change attitudes; change mindsets and start anew or remain the same for a long time.

Miyetkam Lukimfinis
Waiganii, NCD

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