Hagen ‘lost its glory’


Members of the Seventh Day Adventist and Lutheran churches have been commended for cleaning Mt Hagen as authorities continue to turn a blind eye.
Lutherans last Saturday cleaned the dirty streets of the third city and educated street vendors against littering.
The SDAs cleaned the city in April and July this year.
Community leaders from the surrounding tribes like the Jika and Moge have thanked the churches.
Andrias Kulda, from the Moge-Nambuka clan of Kaiwe village, said the glory days of Mt Hagen were over.
“Mt Hagen is no longer safe as it used to be in the past,” he said.
“People are doing anything like street sales, engaging in criminal activities, drinking in public places and pick-pocketing.”
Businessman and Jika-Malakamb leader from Kimininga village, Willie Noki, concurred.
“It is not good to see churches cleaning Mt Hagen for the third time this year as responsible government authorities continue to point fingers,” he said.
“The people of Mt Hagen thank the SDA and Lutheran churches for taking the initiatives.”

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