Hand-washing day celebrated


STUDENTS from 24 schools in Lae took part in the global hand-washing day in Lae last Friday.
The 350 students of the International School of Lae – from kindergarten to Grade 7 – celebrated the event by washing their hands with soap guided by their teachers.
Principal Paul Richardson said the event was beneficial to students who took time out from their classrooms to get be involved in a practical health lesson.
The students were reminded of the importance of washing hands.
Colgate Palmolive (PNG) Limited general manager John Wood told The National that the event was significant with 140,000 participants.
Wood said the event was educational for children given the recent statistics showing more than 3.5 million children under the age of five died every year from diarrhoea and pneumonia–related diseases around the world.
He said it was part of other Colgate educational health programmes which encouraged people especially children to understand good health practices.

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