Hard work, preparation, organisation key traits in law: QC


LAWYER Mal Varitimos QC advised trainees attending the Legal Training Institute (LTI) that hard work, preparation and organisation are traits that make excellent lawyers.
Varitimos told the 90 trainees at the closing of the fourth Commercial Litigation Workshop at LTI in Waigani last Friday, that they all had the capacity to become excellent lawyers.
“To become an excellent lawyer you don’t have to be brilliant,” Varitimos said.
“Try and enjoy your work. When you appear in court you should be fully prepared, (and) you should be in a position to assist the court. When you walk out of the court room, even if you lose, you should be in a position to say I tried my best.
“Be reliable (and) have confidence in your ability. Comply with your professional obligations and duties, your ethical obligations.”
He advised the trainees to find a mentor to guide them in their legal profession.
He said the trainees of LTI were given the considerable knowledge from the workshop conducted by the volunteer training team from the Queensland bar.
“It gives me great pleasure to see former students of the LTI perform so admirably in the courts of PNG, both against me and with me,” Varitimos said.
“They have clearly learnt a considerable amount from the LTI and I am sure they have learnt some from the efforts of the Queensland bar.
“I know they have learnt something from the Queensland bar because I have seen some of the papers that were used against me. I and my colleagues have been very impressed with the enthusiasm and diligence displayed by each of you.
“You all have huge potential. Whether you achieve that potential is dependent upon the effort that each of you undertake.”
He told the trainees that they had a responsibility to help the court in PNG and to ensure the rule of law was upheld.
The workshop was designed to meet a need identified by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia for persons entering the legal profession to be better equipped to serve the needs of the country.
This year’s training team included team leader Andrew Crowe QC, Mal Varitimos QC, Ken Fleming QC and Saul Holt QC.
Justice John Logan, an Australian Federal Court judge and a non-resident judge of the Supreme and national court, also volunteered to assist the team in the weeklong workshop.

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