Harou emphasises management during district conference


ACTING Morobe administrator Sheila Harou told the third Mamose mayor’s conference in Lae yesterday that the management of governance systems and project implementation at district and LLG level was very critical.
Harou highlighted that the greatest challenges faced by the second and third-tier governments were management systems in legislation and policy gaps, over-structured governance systems and executive decision gaps.
She also pointed out that there were problems of inadequate human resource capacity, planning, inadequate financial capacity, managing and implementing executive decisions.
“We have a huge governance structure already in place and yet we are creating more systems with inadequate resources to enhance the systems and mechanisms to achieve expected results,” Harou said.
She said that the district development authority was a de facto government system to fill the service delivery gap and its functions were yet to be effected.
Harou said that DDAs were established by an act of Parliament, urban LLGs by the Organic Law and city authorities by an act of Parliament.

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