Over-harvesting of sea cucumbers a concern


SEA cucumbers continue to be a marine resource which is being overly harvested, an official says.
Nago Island Research Facility mariculture research technician Esther Leini said they were mostly found in the coastal areas.
“Sea cucumbers are mostly harvested by local communities as they are found near the coast where villagers live,” Leini said.
“And that means that they are in danger of being overly harvested.”
The facility is funded by the National Fisheries Authority and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and is based in Kavieng, New Ireland.
Leini also suggests that because coral is being harvested for lime which is chewed with betel nut, people involved in the buai trade should culture coral for this purpose.
“It takes a year and half for coral to be fully-matured for harvesting,” she said.
“We encourage people to culture coral for their own consumption as lime for betel nut and also for beautifying the reefs.”

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