Health important to success, Juffa says


NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa told students of Popondetta Skills Training Centre that health is paramount to their success.
Speaking at the graduation of 222 students last month, Juffa said healthy body and mind will be positive and productive and able to cope with the challenges.
“Refrain from poisoning your body and mind, refrain from the consumption of substances which deteriorate and attack your health.” he said.
“Exercise your body and mind regularly consumes traditional wholesome organic garden food and rest well.
“Avoid negative people who are unproductive and spend their time moaning and groaning about everything nothing and anything.
“Today’s technology allows you to learn much at an amazing speed. You have a virtual university at your fingertips with your phone. You can learn much and use it to achieve much.”
Juffa commended the school for having a positive outlook and for contributing to the human resources and the staff and board chairman Louis Dirah and his board.
He the the school board led by Dirahg was one of the best school boards in the province and managed funds and activities with great care and foresight.
The Northern government also donated a tractor, ride-on lawn mower and K150,000 to the school to assist in its operations.
In a partnership arrangement the Northern government shall pay a fee per month to the school to help maintain the town fields and ovals.
The clelaning of the township would be contracted to the school through a partnership when the business arm of Northen was operational to help build Northern.
Sohe district education manager Stan Urisi spoke of governments failures to remit TFF funds in a timely manner thus costing schools and students upheaval in their education and for failing to take into consideration the vast number of unemployed youth who were capable and trained and willing but unable to find jobs.
Urisi also highlighted the need for jobs and opportunities for Papua New Guineans to be protected.
He said many jobs for Papua New Guineans were now being taken over by expatriates and that Northern must guard against this happening at all times so that locals were engaged.

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