Hela Christians to travel to Israel to pray


A LARGE number of Christians from Hela will be travelling to Israel next month.
The main purpose of the visit is to present prayers at the Eastern gate of the city of Jerusalem.
Team leader Joshua Hela said in Mt Hagen on Monday that these people will be travelling there because they believe that only God has answers to all their problems.
“We will be travelling there to receive our answers and ask God to help the nation and its people,” he said.
“Most of the people that will be travelling with us are prayer warriors who have been praying for the nation. We the people of Hela have decided to travel to Israel in October and see what God has for PNG,” he said.
He said that people still did not understand why this nation was facing a lot of crises.
“We may blame the politicians but we believe that this nation is facing a spiritual problem.” Hela said that the Christians were from various church denominations in the country.
He said that this is an end time move formed by all church denominations to communicate with God through prayer so he can restore the nation.

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