Hela needs bold and decisive leadership


HELA will be going to the elections despite the fact that the province is crippled with tribal fights in most communities, killings, and the breakdown of lawlessness.
Most importantly, the malfunction of the provincial administration is due to the incompetent public servants, who have been handpicked at will, without proper screening of their educational qualifications.
The onus was given to the provincial administrator to properly screen the applicants via the public service commission to select the right people on merit for various positions within the administration.
However, the administrator is ignorant and recruited unqualified people on the street and consequently these people are taking the province down the drain.
With all these problems still being unresolved, the people are ready to exercise their freedom of political rights in casting their votes to their preferred political intending candidates.
Disturbances from warlords, drug addicts and other hardcore criminals, who are taking advantage of the weakening government systems and the recent government call-out of security forces in the province is very good news.
It is a big relief to the silent majority of law-abiding citizens as voters will have the freedom to choose leaders from their conscience based on their leadership qualities and merits. However, in order for the successful implementation of the soon to be launched operation, the people must play their part in providing necessary information to security forcess so this can help them fully execute their responsibilities and tasks.
The mission and objective of this Government-sanctioned call-out in this so-called “land of the unexpected” must be achieved at all costs that would worth the money.
Let’s hope that with the guidance of our Heavenly Father, the security forces will eradicate much of the lawlessness in Hela.
The K11m for operational cost from the national government should be planned and used well to successfully achieve the mission of the Government-sanctioned operation.
This calls for a bold and determined leadership to come in force July 2017 after the National Elections.
Hela needs to vote in good leaders who would have the courage to direct the provincial administrator to overhaul firstly the public service machinery then others would follow.

HPA Insider

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