Hela to use revenue to pay tithes


THE Hela government will allocate 10 per cent of its revenue to the work of God as tithes.
Governor Francis Potape when announcing this said: “Everything including the life we live comes from God and we have to acknowledge and thank God in everything we do.
“I have already announced in our assembly meeting that 10 per cent from all provincial revenues will be allocated to the work of God as tithes.
“That is to build churches and assist church women’s groups, youths groups and so forth and that is non-negotiable.
“I have already made it clear as the governor in the provincial assembly meeting last week.
“The resources on our land and whatever we get, all comes from God and we got to say thank you to him and we got to do this because in the long run, if we have the social sector functioning well, we will have limited law and order problems.”
Meanwhile, he said one of his immediate priorities was to work with the government to ensure transport infrastructure in the province was up and running.
“I’m going to make sure the sealing of the road from Andipa to Ambua and from Ambua to Komo and from Tari to Koroba becomes a reality and this is one of my immediate priorities,” Potape said.
“As we speak, I am talking to landowners that are going to court to stop the infrastructure development grants from being paid to withdraw their case.
“I’m talking to all parties to ask them to file a consent order and the court case can be withdrawn so we are working on that as well right now.
“All we needed to do is to work together to agree on certain things like landowners loyalties before the court, and move the province forward and changes can only be achieved if we work together.”

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