Help needed for ordinary folks


IT is time now for our newly mandated political leaders, who will each be earning between K3000 to K15,000 fortnightly, to seriously get on with the job they were elected to do – reduce the intensity of the struggles we the ordinary people face each day to make ends meet.
We need bi-partisan approaches on the floor of parliament to aggressively reduce foreign debt, manipulation by market forces and foreign exchange, foreign investments and dependency on foreign investments and foreign aid.
We need reforms to remove tax holidays for foreign investors and to reduce the high cost of goods and services.
We need reforms that will remove barriers that continue to stifle access to start-up capital for small businesses so that we can be like the Australians, Chinese and Indians who are starting new businesses in the cities, towns and remote areas in PNG like mushrooms sprouting everywhere.
We the ordinary citizens want our elected leaders to be accountable and answerable to us by addressing the issues highlighted above so that we can be relieved of the pressures we have been facing on a daily basis for the past 40 years.

Noah Ariku

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