Help police to address crime


Catholic Bishops Conference general secretary Fr Victor Roche is calling on the public to cooperate and  assist police to address crime in the country.
“Police need to do more in terms of fighting these ongoing law and order issues of robberies and other related issues and we have to cooperate with them and the Government,” he said.
Fr Roche raised this concern following a number of reports in the media about the high rate of criminal activities across the country recently.
“In the last few days in the media, especially in the print media, we read lots of such incidents. In Lae, there were few killings, we hear alerts given by police for business houses and individuals to be on high alert,” he said.
Fr Roche said this was not good news to the ordinary people on the streets.
“Especially to the tourist industry and the people overseas, it portrays a bad image about the country.
“So I call on the police force and the Government to place a serious ban on production of drugs and alcohol especially homebrew because most criminal activities are done after they consume homebrew or drugs,” he said.
Fr Roch also said the churches were not doing enough to fight crime as criminals were Christians.

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