High Commission explains process


THE Department of Labour and Industrial Relations is the only agency authorised to arrange the seasonal workers programme in Australia.
The Australian High Commission said it was aware that some organisations were requesting money from the interested individuals to be included in the programme.
In a notice last week, the commission explained that there were no authorised individuals, agents or associations in PNG that could arrange participation in this programme. “The PNG Department of Labour and Industrial Relations is the only authorised recruiter for the seasonal worker programme in Papua New Guinea,” the statement from the Australian High Commission notice said.
“The department operates a work-ready pool to recruit seasonal workers.
“Please do not give money to (other) organisations.
“There is no up-front cost to participate in Australia’s seasonal worker programme.
“And only PNG’s Department of Labour and Industrial Relations can recruit and send workers through the programme.
“In addition, workers in the seasonal worker programme are not charged any fees for recruitment costs or up-front charges to participate.”
The programme contributes to the economic development of nine Pacific countries (and Timor Leste), including PNG.
The programme allows Papua New Guineans up to six months to work in Australia with approved employers.

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