Higher education needs collaboration


Government working in collaboration with privately run higher education institutions is vital for human capital development in Papua New Guinea. It also helps meet the high demand for higher education institutes in the country.
There are many unrecognised privately run higher education institutions in PNG, including the ones administered by the churches.
With limited resources these institutions cannot progress further, thus they cannot be officially recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education as a training provider for higher education in the country.
Infrastructure, quality of faculties, quality of learning facilities and financial resources are lacking in these private institutions.
Government needs to work collaboratively with these institutions for infrastructure development, assessment and recommendation on the quality of faculties, advise on accreditation processes, assist in quality and assurance guidelines, disseminate information on PNG National Qualification Framework, monitor the progress and evaluate the outcome of the progress of each privately run institutions and other areas in the sector.
By doing this, many of the privately run higher education institutions will be recognised as a higher learning institution within a very short period of time.
This will then meet the demand for higher education in the country.
Government has to intervene here to stimulate the progress of accreditation process and quality and access to higher and technical education in the country.

Jay Frankiee Kup
KR Naiko

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